Meet the Team

  • Ayesha Munir Qadir
    Inter-club Liason
    A second year CS-Math student who loves drawing, podcasts, and D&D.
  • Ethan RP Ducharme
    VP lounge affairs
  • Isham
    Co President
    Pineapple on Pizza 🍕
  • Lyle Arcinas
    VP Internal
    I like watching movies, reading books, playing music, or starting yet another hobby.
  • Mark Lysack
    VP Student Affairs
    4th year CS student who really just wants to cook and plant flowers.
  • Mia
    My top 3 Monster flavours are pink, white, then gold🤩
  • Noah Curoe
    VP Events
    4th year computer science student, certified teach nerd, and rhythm game enjoyer.

Our Team

The CSSA is the main governing body for computer science, which sounds intimidating, but we’re just regular students, too.

We want to support you in your degree by fostering a strong, welcoming community and voicing your needs to the department, the faculty of science, and the university as a whole.

What we do

We have a lot of exciting events coming up this year that we can’t wait to share!

These events will be advertised on posters around campus, but for the latest updates, be sure to join our Discord server.

This server is not only for keeping up with the clubs, but has channels for each course for you to meet your classmates and get help with content, as well as casual channels to share jokes and make friends.

How to get Involved

Don’t be shy, feel free to drop by the lounge at E1-586 and say hi: the supervisors are all really friendly.

You’ll find directions on how to get there here.

We’re also preparing for our first general meeting, where we’ll share more about what we have planned for summer term and the rest of the year, so make sure you keep an eye on our socials if you’re interested in getting involved!